• I'm a financial regulation reporter based in Washington, D.C. Having covered some of the biggest stories at the intersection of business and politics, I've developed an extensive and deep understanding of how decisions in the nation's capital affect the world of finance.


I currently work in online journalism, writing multiple stories a day that range from longform and data-driven stories to quick, breaking news. Through work experiences at NBC New York and CNBC, I'm also a versatile multimedia reporter capable of handling the #1 media market and cable news.


With experience from working at the Federal Reserve, I have a strong understanding of how the world's most important central bank works and how its policies affect economies. This experience allows me to approach my reporting with a multiplicity of perspectives on the relationship between government and finance.


As a finance major and someone who's worked in the finance industry, I love numbers and data. In my coverage of stories I'm always thinking about how to quantify my storytelling in a way that adds value to the audience. I've published several stories (check them out below) in which I've used data to explain financial trends.


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